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Get Best Deals with Skoolum!

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Skoolum offers these features and much more..
Admission System

From First Application to Admission Offer and Acceptance

Fee Management

From Fee Charts to Fee Invoice Printing, notifications, Email, collection analysis


Online Homework Assignment, Checking and Notifications


Online Attendance Marking and Notifications

Classwork Management

From assignment to grading performance

Magazine For Institute

Students write stories and articles, other can read and like

Notification System

Student, Teachers, Staff and Parents get realtime notifications

Teacher Hiring System

From Initial Job Application to Job Offer and Acceptance

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps to login to school and see everything

Staff Management

From Hiring to Duty Assignment, Job Record and Salary Information

Parents & Relatives

Keep an eye on the student's performance and provide feedback

Barcode Scanner

Scan Card on Entry/Exit, For Fee Payment recording, attendance etc.

Exams & Tests

Announce, Report, Grade Exams or Tests, print result cards

Custom Forms

Create Your own Forms for your unique needs

Multiple Admin Roles

Assign an Admin Role to a different person or group of persons

Expense Management

Create Heads of Expense and Record and analyse expenses