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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is skoolum?

Skoolum is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for managing and running educational institutes in the cloud. It boasts of numerous features, encompassing most of the daily admin activities, teacher activities, staff activities and students activities. Parents can remain in touch with the institute via the mobile app created after skoolum installation. All the features given below, are available on the mobile apps as well. It gives your institute the much needed touch of modernity and high tech. Your brand’s success is our first priority


What is the procedure to adopt Skoolum?

Any institute fills the Get Started Form on to apply for a NEW CONNECTION to skoolum servers.

  1. The first step is installation of system by starting the new connection and making new servers in the cloud that point to your institute when online.
  2. The second step is training of Admin and Teachers.
  3. The third step is the Parent Ceremony where all the parents are invited to install the Mobile App. The parents are also guided to fill a simple form and they are given a 20 minute tour of the benefits of using the new Mobile App and view their children’s progress.


What will skoolum do for the students?


When Admin announces New Admissions, after adding Admission Requirements, student fill admission forms and become a part of the institute’s database after Admin accepts them as a student on completion of Admission Process.

The student is immediately notified about homework, classwork, reading assignments, attendance, online quiz, syllabus completions, concept pages about tough study materials and leave application approval or denial. Students are awarded STARS for study performances and for good behaviour. Study reviews allow students to identify their weaknesses. Immediate communication of test and exams, makes students increase their focus on measurable matrices. Students can communicate informally with one another and receive study related notifications and messages from the Admin or the teacher. This enhanced communication proves to be a strong incentive to perform. Students get alerts when some syllabus topics are completed to get ready for a quiz or a test. Daily Parent feedback increases the trust of parents when they are responded to properly. Student or parents can learn more by watching the youtube series on Skoolum Channel that is designed for students.